I have a laptop again!

A couple of weeks ago, Gene found a deal on meh.com, a new deal website, for a refurbished chromebook. I’ve been wanting to get a laptop for a year or so now so when he told me about it I jumped on the chance to get one.

I had been iffy about getting a chromebook because it’s well, pretty much just Google Chrome and Google Docs. But then when Gene asked me what else I would actually use the laptop for, I had to admit that’s all I really needed: internet.

Yesterday the laptop was delivered and I am happy to say that it works! Super easy. I mean, my gosh, I didn’t have to install anything or set anything up. I logged into my google account, got onto the internet, and boom, everything was ready. Holy moly that’s awesome!

It’s super tiny too, which is what I wanted. I didn’t want a big clunky laptop like my work one is (sorry, work). This thing is so light and small, it’s great! I will have to get used to the small keyboard again though, but that shouldn’t be too much of hassle.

Wanted to share the fun news with you! Glad I’ll have something to take with me on trips!

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