New toy for Pippin

This past weekend, after going out to watch a soccer game for my school/work (we won!), I came home to find that our neighbor left a toy for Pippin! The guy across the hall is going to move and according to Gene, the place he is moving doesn’t allow cats. So our neighbor is getting rid of cat stuff and he was nice enough to give us something!

We now have one of those awesome toys where a ball is on a circular track, it can’t come out. Click here to see what it looks like, cause I’m bad at explaining it. Pippin was amazed by it for a while. He stayed by it so long that he ended up falling asleep on top of it. I’m not sure how long he’ll like it, because he’s fickle like that, but for now he’s having a good time. He actually used the scratcher in the middle too, which was amazing.

3 thoughts on “New toy for Pippin

  1. That was sweet of the neighbor. I have a friend that has a new puppy. She was told to only leave out a couple of toys at a time and rotate them so they stay interesting. Wish I would have know to do this with our pups.

    1. I really should do that with Pippin. I don’t have that many toys for him (well, in my opinion), so I think I need to go buy some more. And then I’ll definitely try out the rotating thing!

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