Fall and my perception of the seasons

Last night I was talking to Gene about what I’m looking forward to in fall.

“Hot apple cider, electric blankets, sweaters,” I said.

“You know that all has to do with just being warm, pretending you’re in warm weather,” Gene responded.

He was right. So I tried to think of some other stuff I was looking forward to.

“Um, the leaves, changing color. Um, pumpkins. Um…”

“You’re just thinking about food now, aren’t you?” He asked.

Yeah, I was. He knows me so well. But I can’t help it! I don’t love the cold weather. And soon after the leaves change color they fall off. And I really dislike the grey and the brown of the next few months.

From that thought process I got to thinking about how my idea of when the seasons are, is slightly different than reality. Here’s how it I see it:

  • Fall: part of August, September, October November
  • Winter: December, January, February, March
  • Spring: part of March. April
  • Summer: May, June, July, part of August

It seems a bit odd now that I actually write it down but that is how my mind sees things. Pretty crappy the long winter I have to deal with, right?

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