Pippin caught another mouse

As I pulled back the shower curtain this evening to get out of the tub, I saw Pippin playing with something brown in the bathroom. He stepped away from it for a moment and lo and behold it was a dead mouse. Oh my gosh. I started screaming at Gene that there was a dead mouse in the bathroom. I admit, I did overreact a bit, especially since I was pretty safe in the bathtub, but boy was it shocking.

It was especially shocking because Pippin hadn’t been outside since I came home so it meant he hid the mouse somewhere. As Gene so nicely put it, “that’s the problem with letting him come and go during the day.” Well gosh darnit, he’s so much happier being outside but I want to make sure he can come in to use the bathroom and get food and water. I didn’t quite realize this was part of having a cat. I’m super proud of him for possibly killing it (granted, it could have been the other outdoor cat), but golly I wish he hadn’t brought it in. Thank goodness for Gene who grabbed a paper towel and disposed of it for me.

That was my adventure for the day and boy was it enough!

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