My second room

Gene and I went to my parents’ house this weekend. For a month or so now, my mom has been planning what our room at her house will look like (as well as Kaitlin and Kevin’s room). This was the weekend that we started to set everything up and decorate. I really should have taken before pictures but didn’t think about it so you’ll just have to imagine a room with a bed and  a dresser. At the end of the weekend, mine and Gene’s bedroom looked something like this:

P1070268Isn’t it beautiful?! Together my mom and I picked out the majority of items in this room. I feel like it’s so peaceful and serene. Not to mention it’s way nicer than my actual bedroom. The room has a few more additions and changes but I didn’t get any pictures right before I left (when the changes were made) so those will have to happen another day.


I really like the vase that my mom made. It’s just so cute and the flowers are perfect.


My mom also put together the two pictures you see above. I picked out the three pictures in the large frame and she ended up printing them out, finding a frame, and painting the mat! She did so much work on my room, I’m very impressed and grateful. I know it took a lot of time.

P1070274I absolutely LOVE this saying. My mom found it and put it on a picture that I had taken in Grand Lake, Colorado. How awesome is that?! It’s now hanging near my light switch.


My mom ALSO made this awesome tray. She painted it, put in the blue paper, and found all these cute items to put on it. This tray is one of my favorite parts of the room (although at this point I think the majority of items in my room are my favorites). Look how adorable it is!

Everything just goes so well together. My mom has always been so good at decorating, especially when she has a theme in mind. My theme was blue, gray, and yellow as well as a bit of Mediterranean. I’m so glad she took the time and put in the effort to make my room so special and inviting. I can’t to see it again!


And we can’t forget Gene who helped build the bench at the end of the bed as well as one of the bedside tables. He didn’t complain once and was very gung-ho about getting it done. Thanks Gene, you were great too!


10 thoughts on “My second room

    1. We’re in the basement. Hahaha. So it’s one of those basement windows (don’t know how else to describe it)

  1. this really really really makes me miss your family so much. I miss visiting your parents, I miss the smell of their house, their company and your mom’s adorable decorations! AH I need to visit! Maybe sometime in 2015??!!

      1. I need to visit my friend Allyson and her family sometime in 2025 so maybe I can work it out where I visit her in Texas and you in Colorado in the same trip 🙂

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