In the mood to write…

But have nothing to say.

I mean, I suppose I always have something to say. But I don’t have anything important or of any real meaning to say.

It’s quite cold here right now. Pippin was outside all day. I was a bit worried coming home because boy, it was truly cold, but he seems okay. Granted, he is curled up by my feet right now, under my blanket.

I really think I should buy myself some winter tires, or at least myself new all season tires. But they’re expensive. Costco’s cheapest is around $100 a tire. Boo. Sooner or later I’m gonna have to fork over the money because I don’t want to get into another accident like I did last winter. That cost me a bit over $1000 so I suppose $400 is worth it.

I got a postcard from my cousin in the mail a couple days ago. So nice to get a postcard from him! He’s such a great person, I wish I could see him more often. He truly is a brother to me.

Also, I finally got a new phone! I bought a Nexus 5 from Google. I LOVE having a working phone. For the past couple of weeks, my old phone’s touch screen lost all function. It was horrendous. Absolutely horrendous and something that bugged me and annoyed me and made me dislike my phone service company (although technically they weren’t the ones that sold me the phone). But I’m happy again. I have a touchscreen that works which means I can make calls, answer calls, and, since it’s a more recent smartphone, I can add apps and actually do stuff! Yay for new phones.

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