Busy Saturday but mostly good Saturday

Yesterday I worked in the morning for my work’s College Prep Day. About 25 people showed up when we were hoping for about 75, but, that’s the community for you. It’s quite hard to get people to show up for events. Granted, it also started at 9 in the morning and what high schooler is going to want to learn about college that early on a Saturday? Either way the time passed quickly enough for me and it wasn’t a huge failure. The students that came got value out of it, and that’s what counts.

After that I ran a few errands, which included getting my oil changed. The guy asked me if I wanted my tires rotated and I told him no because I was going to get them replaced very soon (aka the next day). Five minutes later the guy comes back saying he removed them even though  I had asked him not to and then he proceeded to try to convince me I needed almost $700 of work done on my car. Um…no. Not going to happen. First, you broke my trust the moment you took the tires off when I had said not to. Second, I haven’t had any trouble with my car so far, including the brakes (which I had told him previously as well) so I think I’ll be fine for a bit longer. He kept telling me all four of my brake pads were about to be completely gone and he couldn’t guarantee they would even last two weeks (I told him I only got paid once a month and I couldn’t even afford $200 of work so I’d have to wait until January). After five or ten minutes of him trying to get me to purchase this nonsense, he finally did the oil change I had come in for.

I then went to Costco this morning to get my tires replaced and asked if they saw anything wrong with my brake pads. The guy responded that nothing popped out to him as needing immediate attention. Which I interpret as “your brake pads are fine for now.” Needless to say I no longer trust Just Brakes and will be going elsewhere for my oil changes from now on. It sucks because I had been going to them for over a year now and had no problems. It was always the same guy that I dealt with but yesterday it was an all new staff. I guess they replaced decent people with liars and cheats. I would also like to rant how some men find it natural to try to cheat women out of money when it comes to cars. That is truly ridiculous and I absolutely hate that. (Thank you Costco for being awesome yet again and telling me the truth. I’ve had interactions with their car staff for a while now and they’ve always been honest about what can wait and what shouldn’t wait to be done.)

So after that little fiasco, I went home, grabbed some food, and then went to a musical put on by students in the community I work for. The musical was created by some people that I used to see when I first started working for Denver Public Schools and was in another office. So it was nice to get to see them again. The musical was pretty good considering they performed in a gym. It was creative, cute, and fun and I’m excited to see their next production which focuses on Disney villains!

After the musical, Gene and I met up with Kaitlin, Kevin, and my dad for dinner. We had Firehouse Subs! I really like that place but don’t go to it very often because there’s not one near my apartment. My dad came over afterward for a bit just to visit where we talked about technology and of course, my adorable cat, Pippin. Next time we’ll have to play a game too!

So my Saturday was eventful but all around good. Back to work for a week and then I get two weeks off! I think I’m going to make some dessert, go to a Christmas market, and maybe watch a movie or two!

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