I admit, it was me.

Today I pulled a fire alarm!
No, there was no fire. No, it wasn’t a prank.
The campus manager came to me in the morning and asked if I’d be willing to pull it for a fire drill. He informed me that it was possible someone would come to me in the future, telling me there was a fire, and it would be my job to know what to do.
I felt pretty special. 😀
So when the time was right, the manager came and got me, showed me where the fire alarm was, and had me pull it! He even had me walk with him and check all the rooms to make sure no one was left behind. It was cool to not have to go outside with everyone else (although the alarm was super loud). After we confirmed everyone was cleared out, the manager had me silence the alarm. He told me not to do it in an actual fire, but since it was a drill it wasn’t a problem.
It’s the first time I’ve ever pulled a fire alarm (and hopefully the last), and it was quite exciting.

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