Getting in the Christmas spirit

On Monday I webcammed with my friend, Katie. We’re trying to make it a monthly thing and so far we’ve done it two months in a row. Go us!

She mentioned that I hadn’t posted any pictures of my Christmas tree yet and she was right. I decorated about a week ago. I didn’t do much and was done in maybe an hour? Still, it’s a nice touch to the apartment.


The picture above shows the entirety of my Christmas decorating this year. At first I wasn’t really in the mood for Christmas, but decorating has helped. I also plan on driving around to look at Christmas lights at some point, walking around the outdoor Christmas market, and walking around the zoo for Zoo Lights. As someone at my work was telling me, in order to get into the mood of Christmas, you have to go out and be part of the Christmas in the city. You have to participate and walk around and watch people. I think she’s right.

I have the next two weeks off from work so I want to use next week to really get in the mood. Maybe I’ll go out and just walk around downtown one day. Cut out some snowflakes. Make a couple of crafts (thanks Katie!). Listen to Christmas music. And perhaps watch a Christmas movie or two. Would love to have your ideas if you think of any!



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