I forgot how great baking bread smells

Made some homemade bread this evening. It had been awhile and I had forgotten how lovey the smell of baking bread truly is. That yeast is just wonderful!

xmasgift from workWent in to work for four hours today to wrap a few things up. One of my team members came in as well and ended up giving me a Christmas gift from her and my manager (see left). I now have two really cool looking pots with plants just waiting to grow! From a quick glimpse, I think they can be grown indoors so now I just need to figure out where these little beauties should go!

I also wanted to show off the graze box that I got thanks to Martha. Isn’t the packaging so cute? This was the first one I got out of the three that Martha bought for my birthday. It was quite fun to try out the four different snacks that came in the box. I enjoyed the chipotle lime pistachios. There were also some tasty cashews with some kind of flavor on it. Either way, I’m excited to try out my next box. Perhaps one day I’ll set up a monthly subscription.

And so my winter break began with a bit of work, a gift, and a bread bowl with homemade broccoli potato soup. Bring on the cold, I can handle it (although I am glad the shortest day of the year is now over. Woot)!

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