Last day of break

I’ve had the past two weeks off from work. It’s been so nice. I’ve hung out with friends, seen family, opened presents, gotten my teeth and eyes checked, made some food, ate even more food, been slightly creative, and done other things that I’ve forgotten now.

Here I am now, only 12 hours away from having to go to work again. It’s kind of a bummer. I’m not as nervous or dreading it as much as I have been the past two days so that’s at least a plus. I wonder if I’ll ever have a job where I won’t eventually dread going to it at some point. /shrug. I’m sure jobs out there exist. And if they don’t, I’ll learn how to deal and control my unnecessary and unproductive feelings. That’s just how life is. The majority of us have to work for a really long time. So until I retire and until my next vacation, I will try to find ways to still enjoy my evenings and live in the moment.

So today, Gene and I bought some truffles, Hersheys, and Christmas chocolate. I think it was a good way to end my little vacation. Here’s to life after the holidays and here’s to 2015!

One thought on “Last day of break

  1. There are very few (very few!) jobs that one is excited to get back to. That’s why we have vacations. I loved teaching, BUT … always was apprehensive about getting back to it after the holidays. Remember, Adam’s punishment was work! As long as you have a job that you don’t hate, you aren’t bored and the people you work with are tolerable, you’re doing well. So, go make some money and enjoy it on your next holiday/vacation!!!

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