Enjoying the moments

Today wasn’t a bad day. I got stuff done at work and got to see some friends. I realize that I have friends at work. I say hello to people and I have short conversations with them. It’s nice. Especially since I’m not always great with actually having conversations. These people still talk with me. 😀

After work I tried some new peach strawberry juice and Gene and I made some dinner.

Gene sent me this link to a science love song which brightened the rest of my evening. I love how creative people can be. This world can be pretty awesome sometimes!

We’ve watched a few shows, had a few chocolates, and I worked on my house on Wildstar for a bit. We’re going to read a bit and then head off to bed. I’d say it was a good first day back to work.

2 thoughts on “Enjoying the moments

  1. Had to leave another comment – just listened to your science love song from Gene. Oh my! Never knew science could be so romantic. Good job, Gene!

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