I adore my cat

This evening I went on a walk with my cat, Pippin. He stayed inside all day for some reason so I knew he’d want to go out when I got home from work. I walked around with him for a little over 20 minutes and it was quite enjoyable. I forgot how nice it was to do that with him. Yet another reason why I don’t like the winter season. But today it was warm enough to stay outside for more than 1 minute and Gene wasn’t home yet so I figured why not, cat-human bonding time was a good idea.

Pippin is a smart cat. And although I imagine most cats are as smart as him, since he’s mine I have to gush about him, it’s only natural. We played “catch” for a bit and then he got bored and sped off to another part of the complex. At one point he went past the property fence, to a place I couldn’t go. I watched him for a minute or so and then told him I was going to leave and started backing away. After moving far enough away where he couldn’t see me anymore, I looked over and there he was, following me, not wanting to get left behind. It was pretty sweet.

We walked around a bit more where he attempted to avoid the snow and water and almost chased a rabbit but for some reason gave up on that notion. I then decided it was time to head back so I started walking towards the apartment. Pippin, the ever awesome little guy that he is, followed me. He followed me all the way to the top of the steps where he caught the scent of something and stopped to smell.

I do adore him. But he’s acting crazy right now, most likely stir crazy, so I need to play with him for another few minutes and hope he chills out a bit. It might be too cold for him to go outside tomorrow so this little guy’s gonna have a lot of energy!

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