Time to check in

What happened to me?! I was doing so well with writing and then STOP! I suddenly quit posting.

Perhaps with work starting up again I was swept up with the motion of life.

A few highlights of the past couple of weeks:

P1070343New glasses: during my winter break I went to the eye doctor for my annual check in. I have a slightly different prescription than last year but it barely changed so they said I could do without getting new glasses if I wanted. I wanted to get new ones, however, because my insurance is amazing and they covered about $120 for frames and then everything left over was 40% off. So I ended up spending $50 on a new pair of glasses.

Because these weren’t quite necessary, I bought a pair that is purple! I thought adding a bit of color to my face would be fun. I like them for the most part. Because they are made of plastic completely, there’s not much molding and shaping the eye people can do, so I have to wear the glasses slightly lower on my nose than I would like. But generally they don’t give me much problems.

Side view of new glasses. Even the sides are fun!
Side view of new glasses. Even the sides are fun!

Last week, Gene and I went to a Filipino restaurant with some friends from online. As you may know, we go to a new, local restaurant each month. I had never eaten Filipino food before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I thought the food was good but not amazing. I had some grilled pork with garlic rice and mixed veggies. I’m not quite sure what the vegetables were but they were pretty good.

P1070348I’ve also been working on a needle felting craft that my friend Katie sent me. When the instructions told me it would take about 6 hours to make I thought, “can that be real?”, but it kind of is. It takes longer than I though to needle felt the wool together into a solid form. I’ve already cut my skin a couple of times because the needle is barbed at the end, but other than that I’ve had a successful time at it! I’m not done yet so you may not be able to tell in the picture, but I’m making a bird!

And finally, for Christmas, my parents got me a pink body wrap for my phone. I had wanted it for a while so it was awesome to get it. I put it on and then bought a clear case for it and now here it is, looking amazing and staying safe at the same time! So far my January is going well. Keep it up 2015, this is going to be a good year! I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I’m really starting to feel this year!



3 thoughts on “Time to check in

    1. I did finish reading it actually! Sometime last week. It was a pretty good book, I enjoyed it. Didn’t guess the ending until it was upon me.

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