Presents from a friend

It is always nice to get mail, but it is even nicer to get a package!

This past weekend a box of goodies arrived for me and Gene from one of my best friends, Elisabeth. And let me tell you, it was awesome. This was our birthday/Christmas box and I had no idea what to expect.

Elisabeth had printed off pictures of our last trip to Disneyland and put them in a Disney photo album for me! I think that was probably the best gift of all. She also bought me these amazing Disney dish towels.

005 disney dish clothsAren’t they fantastic?! I’m now thinking how I can “redecorate” (because I haven’t really decorated at all) my kitchen to be red, black, and yellow. My spoon holder is already good to go and you can see the slat and pepper shakers peeking through on the left side of the picture that work well too. So perhaps I’m already on the way!

006 disney dish clothsThere’s a close up of the dish towels. They’re so much fun! I think one day I might frame one of them if I ever have a large enough kitchen, might make a good picture.

Elisabeth also sent over some books, including one she had recommended probably a year ago that I never ended up reading. Well thank you, Elisabeth, it will be the next book I read when I’m finished with one of the two I’m currently reading.

Yet again, this year has been going well for me so far. Can it just continue that way?



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