Good neighbors are good

Two nights ago I realized I had lost my apartment card, the card that lets me into the complex. I kept it in my car door so I could easily get to it when I needed. I had been to multiple places that day so I had no idea where it could have possibly fallen out. The guard at the gate told me it would cost $50 to get a replacement if I didn’t end up finding it.

I was bummed, but I figured it would be okay, I could spend the $50 if I needed to. I didn’t think I would find the card because it’s small and that’s life but yesterday morning as I was getting in the car to go to work, the neighbor downstairs walked over to me and handed it to me!

I was so surprised and so thrilled, it made my day. He had found it in the parking lot and recognized my face so he kept it. So glad that I have decent neighbors. He just saved me money and time searching for the card. Here I am again, having a great year so far. I’m starting to think the outlook one takes on life really helps. 🙂

So I’m going to continue thinking this year is going to be amazing and I’m pretty sure amazing and awesome things will surround me. Thanks neighbor!

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