Darkness be gone!

Today I originally took a picture of the secretary mug my manager bought me weeks ago:

Even though technically my position is “office support”, he thought it was relevant and bought it for me. It was a sweet gesture that made my day. Now if only I drank tea or coffee.

So I took the picture above thinking I was good for the day, but then I walked outside to go home and saw that it was still light outside! And I mean, light, not twilight. At 5:30 PM! I was so thrilled that I decided, while driving, to try to take a picture of the sunset. It was dangerous, and I will try to stop myself from doing that again, but it was kind of exhilarating. Trying to take a picture of the sun behind the mountains just made me so excited that the sun was still there. I took multiple pictures, all of which were not very good. But I still want to share the best one with you because gosh darnit, I really tried!

 Yeah…the picture isn’t great. But the intent is! I’m thinking I should start bringing my actual camera to work, rather than just relying on my phone’s camera, but we’ll see. I’m not quite sure I want to risk someone stealing it in order to get more decent pictures.

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