Goodies for me

I got a lot of goodies in the mail today. Totally made up for my long night yesterday.

015 presents to myselfI FINALLY bought myself some kitchen scissors! I had thought about buying them for probably two years now but for some reason just never did. So last Friday, while hanging out with Sidney and Elisabeth online, we somehow got to talking about it and I realized I had no reason to NOT buy them (they only cost a couple bucks). Since I already had items I was planning on buying a from amazon, I added a pair to the cart.

A couple days later and boom, all my things are here. I do love my amazon. I also bought some sour punch twists, hair gel, and a Kindle Paperwhite (Gene’s purchase, actually). For the past few months I’ve been craving the sour punch twists. A previous coworker used to bring them in to work every so often and offer them to me and since I don’t work with her anymore I hadn’t eaten them for almost a year. I couldn’t find the candy at King Soopers or Costco so when I saw them on amazon I had to snatch them up. I’ve already eaten like 5 of them  (they’re tiny!) and approve.

Gene saw that the Kindle Paperwhite was on sale and since we had talked about getting one for months now, he decided to buy it. I played around with it a bit this evening and I tell you, this technology blows my mind. I am truly and utterly impressed. It is so amazingly cool I cannot say enough about it. This screen that doesn’t look like a screen or feel like a screen. This tiny little device that can hold hundreds or even thousands of books. It is incredible!

I feel very privileged to be able to afford all of these items and be able to purchase them when I want to. I didn’t always feel like this and even though I still need to watch my money and save more, I feel pretty secure right now. I think it’s time for a sour punch twist! 😉


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