It’s Thursday and I can’t think of a title

Pippin caught another mouse yesterday. I heard his regular meowing at the door and when I opened it to let him in, there was a mouse waiting for me. I almost immediately slammed the door. There was no way I was letting another mouse into my apartment, whether it be alive or dead. I appreciate the fact that Pippin is trying to take care of me, but I will not be handling any mice in the near future. I think he ended up eating it because I looked out the window and I saw him chewing it (so sad) and when Gene finally let him back inside, there was no mouse in sight.

Tonight, Gene and I went out to eat at a German restaurant for our monthly dinner meetup. The food was good, not amazing though. I tried the chicken schnitzel, potato dumplings, and spetzel (sp). I don’t think I’ve ever had that kind of food before. It’s fun trying new types of food, even if I don’t fall in love with it.

My picture today is of Gene and his new haircut I gave him this past weekend. I think he looks pretty good. 🙂 I was going to take a picture of the food but then I completely forgot. I suppose it’s a good thing since two days ago I said I wasn’t going to take pictures of food. Not sure what picture I’ll take tomorrow, but that’s part of the experience, right? I’m not sure if taking pictures daily is really my thing. Guess it’s good I’m trying this out for a month and not for the rest of my life (Gene). Until tomorrow.

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