Glad it’s the weekend

Three day weekend here I come! Today was busy and slightly stressful towards the end so I am happy that I have Monday off. Trying to organize 6 different high schools into one sports program is insane. I tell you, sometimes I have no idea how it all works out in the end, but it always does.

I took a couple minute break today to watch our drum line perform for one of the charter schools on my campus. This is where my picture for today comes in. I really like our drum line. I have always enjoyed listening to percussion, so it’s a treat for me to be able to hear it again every so often. We have some really talented kids in the schools I work with, it’s nice to know they do exist. I deal with and hear mostly about the students who are getting bad grades or getting into fights so I don’t always see the awesomeness that is our students.

After the drum line performance I then went back to work figuring out which athletes were flunking classes. Fun times.

That is why this weekend will be quite pleasant for me. I will relax, go out to brunch, see some friends, and do whatever else I want. Bring on the warm weather tomorrow, I’m ready!

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