Happy Valentine’s Day, People

Gene and I went out to brunch today with our friends. They had invited us out for Valentine’s about two weeks ago and I said yes. We ate at Shells and Sauce, a place close to downtown Denver.

That place was fantastic. I got some kind of breakfast skillet with sausage, potatoes, eggs, and peppers.  It was delicious.

Doesn’t it look delicious? I hadn’t eaten any food this morning so it completely hit the spot. Gene got the chicken and waffles. The butter was infused with beer and cinnamon. I tried it and it was great. I should have brought the rest home.

It was a really nice afternoon. We tried to go to the Denver Nature and Science Museum after brunch but we could not find ANY parking. I think I drove around for almost 15 minutes trying to find a spot, no luck. I have no idea why the museum and the zoo were so busy but my gosh, I wasn’t the only car driving around, trying to find a spot. So we decided to head our separate ways and meet up again another time.

I will DEFINITELY go back to Shells and Sauce. We’d like to have a reddit dinner meetup there one day. It will be fun to try out their dinner menu!

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