Sunday Assembly and Kingsman

Today, Gene and I went to Denver Sunday Assembly. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Sunday Assembly is basically church service for the non-religious (although any faith or non-faith is welcome). They meet once a month to sing songs, chat with one another, and listen to speakers on how to live better, help often, and wonder more. I don’t remember when I first heard about it, but it’s relatively new to Denver. This was our second time going. As a person who is no longer religious but grew up as a Christian and in a Christian home, not going to church and in turn not having that community, was a depressing part of not believing.

I hope that with this group, that community piece will come back into my life, at least to some extent. I’m not exactly sure how it will work out since I’m awkward and Gene is even more awkward than me, but I’ll give it at least one more month. I think the training that my mom put my sister and me through by telling us to introduce ourselves to people during the greeting time at church has helped me. I introduced myself to a couple of people last month. And although I wasn’t that great at it this month, there’s always next.

After Sunday Assembly, Gene and I went to the movies and watched Kingsman: The Secret Service. I enjoyed that movie. It was different than what I was expecting but perhaps that made it a better movie?  Colin Firth was great in it. For a 55 year old man he had some moves! Kingsman is a spy, action movie. After these kinds of movies I always want to exercise and become a really awesome, kick-ass person. It never actually happens, but I can still dream! I also want to get Gene a tailored suit. One day!


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