Bring it on snow, I don’t have work!

It snowed. A considerable amount. Thankfully I had today off so I was not worried in the slightest. As I look out the window now, the roads seem quite clear, so I think tomorrow’s commute will be no trouble. Since it stopped snowing around 3, I went out to clear off my car about an hour ago so I wouldn’t have to in the morning. Even if it does end up snowing again, it will be less snow to clear off than had I left it on overnight. Less chance of ice forming too.

As Gene pointed out, my little Mickey antenna topper has a snow hat. That little guy has been through some tough weather. I have another one sitting inside on my counter, waiting to replace this older, dirtier one. But I want to cover it with some kind of sealant so it won’t get as dirty as my current one and I continue to hold off on figuring out what kind of substance could do that. I’m guessing some type of Modge Podge? My goal is to go to Michael’s tomorrow to pick up a frame so perhaps I can browse around and find something. I will still wait until spring before putting the new one on though, with the possibility of snow for the next couple of months, I’d rather hold off.

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