Trivia and bikes

I went to Geeks Who Drink trivia night yesterday. Kinda funny since I don’t really drink. Hehe. Came home at 9:30PM and didn’t make it to posting a blog. I did take a picture however, so still have that going (see below)!

Dry Dock Brewery-Trivia Night

Two new people from reddit showed up to trivia night, which made it super awesome. As a team we made 9th out of 22, so I was happy. That’s the best we’ve done so far! It was also really nice to meet new people from reddit and to find out that both were cool and friendly. I hope to see them again some time.

This evening, for dinner, I made salmon, asparagus (frozen), risotto (frozen), and potatoes. I thought it looked pretty fancy on my plate so I took a picture of it. Boom, picture of the day done. I guess I’m taking more pictures of food than I intended. Perhaps the instragram culture has seeped into me. (Don’t they take pictures of food all the time?) Yet again, Costco fish is delicious. This time we bought just frozen salmon fillets, no seasoning. I put lemon pepper, garlic powder, and salt on it. If you guys have ideas for how to season salmon (that doesn’t take hours but I can do literally in 5 minutes), then let me know. The asparagus and risotto were from Trader Joe’s. I have to say, I love their asparagus. It’s pretty cheap for the amount you get. There’s enough for three or four meals. I am starting to really like having a Trader Joe’s fairly close.

Denver is predicting 6 to 8 inches of snow over the weekend so that might be interesting. No more trip to Colorado Springs to see my parents. Now it’s grocery store time and huddle under blankets time. I’ll let you know how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Trivia and bikes

  1. Congrats on the trivia! Sounds like fun. And your dinner looked great. I just bought frozen asparagus too – 1st time. Hope mine turns out as good as yours. For the salmon, try drizzling olive oil over it and sprinkling on lemon pepper. Will miss you sooo much this weekend! Maybe next weekend? Also, time for another pic of Pippin!!

  2. For our Salmon (somehow I missed your post, but Its funny that we both bought the same salmon! well funny to me. I’m sure Gene will have something to say about how because we both bought it at costco and he’s sure lots of other people buy it there too that it’s really no coincidence!… I’m going to pretend it is a huge coincidence! haha) Anyway, back on track… I bought some Weber Marinade from Safeway… ( We used the Citrus Herb, but instead of adding Juice, Mitchell added water (he didn’t realize we had juice, but after eating it, I think you might want to avoid the juice for salmon– because it tasted perfect just the way it was and the OJ might have added a weird flavor.)

    1. oh and he didn’t let it marinade too long either, so you could totally do it on a work night (we did!) he baked it in the oven with the marinade hanging out around the salmon in the casserole dish.

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