It’s Pippin time

017 PippinTurns out I took a picture of Pippin sooner than I thought. He has been quite cuddly today. He sat on my lap multiple times, for extended lengths of time. I’m guessing he was a bit cold as Gene and I thought we had turned on the heater, but found out around 6PM that it had been off the majority of the day. Gene was wondering why he hadn’t heard the heater come on and discovered we hadn’t actually turned it on. Oops. Guess we saved ourselves a few dollars today.

The picture today is of Pippin somewhat sleeping (I kind of woke him up)  on my computer chair after I had gotten up to eat breakfast. I was impressed with how long he actually stayed there, sleeping.

Today has been a fairly lazy day. Although it has snowed, it didn’t snow nearly as much as was predicted, which is both a bummer and a relief. Unless it snows a lot more throughout the night and tomorrow, I think I’ll be able to make it to work.


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