Writing and drawing

Today I accomplished a few different tasks. I spoke with a friend on the phone, I did a few squats, I drew a bit, and I worked on a Wikipedia page that I’ve been rewriting for the past two months. I’d call it an overall good day.

025 postcard wallAfter Gene heard about a group called Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia, the two of us joined it back in November (I believe). This group edits Wikipedia to improve its skeptical content. Although I am by no means as educated a skeptic as I probably should be (there are loads of famous skeptics I do not know and topics I am not that knowledgeable on), I do consider myself a beginner skeptic and since I enjoy writing and I’m a fan of Wikipedia, I figured it’d be something fun to do. I am on my final training task, to rewrite an entire Wikipedia page. I am supposed to be done next month so on weekends I try to at least do some work towards editing. Once I get started, it’s pretty exhilarating. Reminds me of my college days when I would write essays.

Recently I’ve also been trying to improve my drawing skills. My parents bought me a sketch book and pencils for Christmas so a few times a week I grab it and I draw. I started by trying to copy a drawing of Aang, a character from the TV show, Avatar the Last Airbender. It turned out okay actually, although it’s clearly not exact. I plan on doing it again later and see if I get better. I then went on to draw hands and fingers. I look at my left hand and I draw what I see. I want to do that a bit more before I move on to drawing eyes, ears, and noses. One day I’ll watch a YouTube video too to learn from others. I see people’s drawings and paintings and I want to be able to do it myself, so I decided I’m going to try to learn.

Today’s picture is of the “postcard wall” in my apartment. The last post I can find on it is this one, back in 2013. As you can tell, it has definitely grown since then. I really like it.  Thanks to everyone who has sent me postcards, letters, pictures, items…anything that I can put up on the wall. I’ve included a picture of the entire “postcard wall” below so you can see everything that has gone up. It is quite the masterpiece. I would like to keep this going if/when we move.

024 postcard wall





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