Cleaning and Denver

With the possibility of “purchasing” (aka getting more debt) a house this year, I have begun to think about how to  keep our apartment clean on a regular basis. I figure if I can get into the habit of cleaning daily in a one bedroom apartment, by the time we move into a two or three bedroom house, I’ll  have the routine down that I can keep it up, even if it is at a smaller scale. I also hope that this daily cleaning will mean less cat hair. Although I don’t see it everywhere, I do know it’s there as I find it throughout the week on my clothes, my pillow, and sometimes plates or bowls (don’t ask me how that happens, it’s embarrassing).

So this past weekend I made a list of what tasks I will do each day. Monday is vacuum the apartment and clean Pippin’s water and food bowls. Done. I plan on dusting, wiping down the bathroom, cleaning the fridge, and brushing Pippin twice a week, among a few other items. Have any suggestions on how to keep my place clean, let me know?

This evening, after work, Gene went to some computer programming meetup. I picked him up when it was done and took a picture of the building’s sign. The building looks really cool from the outside. It seems to be a mix of old Denver with new Denver. I’ve only been by it in the dark for a short stop so I haven’t had a chance to read the words on the stone part of the building. I’ll have to go back during the day sometime to check it out. I really like the area of Denver near Gene’s work. There seems to be all these random, interesting shops. Cafes, restaurants, hair salons, breweries, furniture, flowers. Gene said he saw a magic shop nearby. One day I just need to walk around the area for an afternoon.

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