Gene and I went to trivia night last night for some more good times. I brought some chips and another redditor brought some cajon trail mix-type stuff. We had to split into two teams since a team cannot be more than 6 people. Slowly but surely I think more people are coming to this thing,  it’s pretty cool! My team got 13th place, which I thought was great. The other team got 4th or 5th I think.

Got back home, had a quesadilla, and pretty much went to sleep after that. Those days are fun, but I’m tired by the end of them.

Today was a brain-intensive day at work. I worked almost the entire time and still didn’t do everything that I wanted to. Tomorrow is a big day in that I have to re-certify student athletes that got horrible grades last semester and I have to check grades for all spring athletes in general. It’s going to be another busy day, that’s for sure. On top of that, games are having to be rescheduled because there’s still snow on the ground so there’s no way soccer or baseball can play.

The cool thing about today was that the Program Manager of our group bought me a Frosty from Wendy’s. She gave it to me right as I was in the middle of some important task that I needed to get done today, so it was the perfect timing. It was so sweet of her.

Going to visit my parents this weekend. I’m interested to see how Pippin does in the car since he hasn’t been in one for a couple months now (I think). He’s one now, by the way. The adoption center told me they thought he was born on February 28th, so even if it was a few days here or a few days there, he’s no longer a kitten. My little boy is all grown up. He’s still fairly small for a cat though, so maybe they keep growing even after they turn one? I have no idea. I should have given him a party, or had some kind of celebration, but the day passed me by and I completely forgot. Perhaps when he turns two. He didn’t seem to care at least!

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