Weekend in Colorado Springs

Gene and I spent the weekend at my parents’ house in Colorado Springs. It was nice because Kaitlin was there for a portion of the weekend too. While we were there, Gene, my dad, and I created a little box fort for Pippin. My dad had saved some boxes recently so we cut and taped and made a little play area for him on the dining table. You can see him peeking out of one of his windows in the picture on the left.

He didn’t use the fort as much as I thought he would, I think we’ll need to do some more planning to make it even better next time. Gene thinks adding some pipe cleaners and string might entice him. I think a soft blanket or shirt in there wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I’m looking forward to making something more permanent for him once Gene and I have a house.

On Saturday, Gene, my dad, and I drove around Colorado Springs for a bit. We stopped off at a pawn shop, went to the Olympic Training Center, and swung by the Red Rocks Canyon Open Space. It was the first time I had ever been into a pawn shop. It was very small and crowded with almost every possible hardware and tool imaginable. For some reason I thought it would be bigger and cleaner, but that might have just been from the Pawn Star TV show. Items weren’t as cheap as I had thought they would be either and none of us ended up buying anything.

The Olympic Training Center was nearby so we took a quick stop to check out the statues. The complex does give tours but they cost $5 a ticket and I wasn’t interested in taking one. I went on one as a child with my family and I think that’s probably good enough. It’s cool to think that US Olympic swimmers go there to train though.

I tried to get Gene to jump while I was taking the picture above, but instead he chose to touch one of the statues’ feet. Whatever floats your boat. 😉

We then drove through Old Colorado City, an old part of Colorado Springs and from the looks of it a cool place to walk around. I wasn’t in the mood to go walking because it wasn’t quite warm enough and it was windy, so we kept on going, but it is somewhere I would like to explore in the warmer months.

We checked out Red Rock Canyon Open Space, an open space near Garden of the Gods and the Native American ruins. It’s a place we’re going to visit again to go hiking and have a picnic. The roads and parking lot were so muddy and wet that I didn’t want to get out as I only had slip on shoes. Yet again I am reminded how ready I am for warmer, drier days!

I did had a good time over there though. I was surprised with a few more items for my and Gene’s room. You can see the awesome blue cube above. Not only does it match the room but it seems to represent me almost perfectly. Especially the “sing out loud” side! The drawer handles were also replaced on the dresser and some plates were added that need to be hung. I’m sure I’ll be posting more pictures of that room in the future.

Now it’s time for Gene and I to go on a walk while it’s still light outside and reasonably warm.

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