More salmon and another week begins

026 salmon dinnerHad salmon for dinner. This time I took a cue from Katie and purchased a Weber white wine and herb marinade mix. I tried to find the one that Katie got, but King Soopers only had that one that worked for fish. I’ll have to check out Safeway one of these days (it’s where Katie got her packet). I also copied Katie in the fact that we had a quinoa dish to go with it. I found this recipe on pinterest.

By the way, Gene made this entire dinner. I went to the grocery store after work and then vacuumed (Monday’s chore) before settling down so he took control. Yay Gene for being awesome!

The salmon turned out pretty well, although we didn’t need to put as much marinade on it when we baked it as we did. I added a bit of parmesan cheese to mine as the marinade packet suggested, it was good, but not needed. The quinoa and broccoli were great additions and helped balance out the flavors of the salmon. I would definitely try another Weber marinade but if you can’t find one, the lemon pepper that we did last time worked out just fine too as a quick salmon rub!

Looks like things will be slightly slowing down at work. With the weather predicted to be nice this week, I’m not expecting any game cancellations, which will be quite helpful in giving me more time to do other things. My manager told me last week that he expects me to have fall and winter games scheduled and transportation requested by the middle of June. I think it will be possible, as long as I get started now. Knowing this job, starting now means I’ll really start in a week and it will be here and there. But that’s why it’s on my list now, so I’m aware of it.

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