I realized the other day that I’ve taken a photo a day for a little over a month. I’m going to keep it up for now. It’s generally a fun part of my day.

Well, I definitely jinxed myself yesterday. Two baseball games were cancelled today. Just my luck. I had no idea how crazy spring sports would be, and we’re just in now in the third week! Everything ends in May so…two and a half more months. I’m sure it will calm down eventually. Right? 😉

027 easter tree

Over the weekend, my mom gave Kaitlin and me a little Easter tree. Look how cute it is. And it doesn’t even have decorations on it yet. I think it might become a permanent part of the apartment, I like how it looks. I’ll have to post a picture of it once it’s decorated up for Easter, whenever that happens. I still have almost a month so I have time.

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