Orange juice, work, and reading!

045 Gene and meI bought orange juice today. I had been avoiding it because one of the medications I take causes potassium in my body to stick around, so the doctor told me to not have a lot of it. Lo and behold, guess what has a decent amount of potassium? Oranges. Who would have thought, right? Well, I’ve been trying to stay away from eating too many oranges, clementines, or bananas, which in turn also includes orange juice. It’s truly sad because I love orange juice. So while I was in the store today I decided to hell with it, I’m going to buy myself a gallon of orange juice. Can a gallon of orange juice over a two week period be too much? Probably not. Guess I’ll find out (I’m not actually worried about “overdosing” on potassium).

My manager brought me a new filing cabinet yesterday from a Denver Public School’s warehouse. It was my picture of the day yesterday (which you can see on my google+ album). We spent an hour or so going through files and binders and moving everything around. My office area looks pretty dang nice now. And manager’s office looks even better. For months now his desk has been covered with papers and the floor has been filled with boxes. Now it actually looks clean and organized. I approve. 😀

I finished reading Dune, the latest book I was reading, a couple of days ago. I had no idea I had read so much, it was such a great book that the words just flowed and I didn’t realize how many pages had gone past. I don’t think it’s a favorite book by any degree, but it is a book I enjoyed. And who knows, perhaps with time it will be added to my favorites list. I’ll read the second one after I finish reading the next book on my list, The Warded Man. This is a book that Elisabeth has wanted me to read for…oh…at least a year now, probably longer. I started reading it two days ago and am still on chapter two, but I think it has potential. It’s caught my interest, that’s for sure. I think I should go read some more right now!


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