Work and Irish Pubs

When I got to work this morning, there were only two other people in the office and no one was in the entry area. Generally there are at least six in the office and a few people in the entry, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but there is usually some kind of noise coming from somewhere. With only two people there and both in their office, it was so amazingly quiet. I loved it. Then, an hour or so later the noise arrived. At least I had a few moments of calm.

Today was a slow day. Not much work, combined with lack of motivation, led one of my less productive days recently. I still worked and got stuff done, but many of things I need to do require responses and I’m still waiting for those.

Did you know, today is the last day of winter? Someone I work with pointed it out today and brightened my mood. I made it through winter! That long period of cold and snow and cold is almost over. The warmth and the green grass and the long days are upon us. I can see it ahead and almost grasp it. Oh it makes me so happy.

Had dinner at an Irish Pub this evening with the usual reddit couple. We have such a difficult time getting other redditors to be involved, it’s a bit sad. Still, we have a good time with those who show up and it’s nice to try new restaurants. I had an Irish breakfast burger: patty with sausage, rashers (awesome bacon), and a fried egg. Although I was only able to eat half, it was delicious and I enjoyed it. I’m hoping leftovers won’t be too horrible tomorrow. Their fries are quite good too. I would like to go again and try some of their other dishes. Gene had their ghost pepper macaroni and cheese. He said it was spicy, but not as much as he thought it would be.

I meant to take a picture of my food but completely forgot (it wasn’t very picturesque so guess that worked out) so a picture of Pippin at 10:45 PM will have to suffice. Good night everyone.

One thought on “Work and Irish Pubs

  1. Your burger sounds interesting, but yummy. I think it’s awesome how you try new things. And, by the way, we always love your pics of Pippin!

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