Brisk spring day

I feel like recently, nothing very interesting has happened to me so I have nothing to write about. But then, the other day, I thought, “well, I wrote a post every day for a year and there’s no way something interesting happened every day, so somehow I thought of stuff. Why can’t I do that again?”

I need to get back into that mindset. I just need to write again. There’s something about it that is very freeing and very relaxing. Why would I not want that for myself?

It snowed today. I know it’s not surprising for Colorado but I still want to point it out I guess.

Taking a picture every day has almost become a habit. Most days I think about it before the late evening (although the past two days that was not the case). I’ve been doing it for a little over two months now. I think I’ll keep going.

This weekend I’m going to a play and Gene and I are going to hopefully play some Dungeons and Dragons. It’s not going to be the same without the college group, but I am still hoping it will be fun. I will report back after the fact.


2 thoughts on “Brisk spring day

  1. Life is full of wonder, and you are very good at seeing and sharing these in your writings. This gift is what separates you from other bloggers.

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