Sunday at home

Gene and Pippin sleeping in
Gene and Pippin sleeping in

Well, Dungeons and Dragons was cancelled yesterday. The fourth member never confirmed that he could come so we  had to postpone. At least it gives me a bit more time to solidify the background story of my character and make sure I chose and did everything correctly. I’m playing a female tiefling bard, for those who know what I’m talking about. It’s going to be interesting as I have 18 charisma and 4 strength. Hahaha.

So instead I started playing Dragon Age, a game that two of my friends keep recommending. I only played for about an hour so I can’t say for sure if I like it or not. It’s a different way of doing things than I’m used to, but I haven’t died yet so maybe that’s a good sign. I don’t quite like how I can switch characters so easily, that confused me a few times, but perhaps with more game time I’ll become more familiar with the mechanics. I like the role playing part of it for sure, there seem to be loads of different paths I can go down. I also like how I can pause the game when combat begins and choose what characters do what. I haven’t quite gotten that down yet, but it’s still nice to pause and not have to react immediately.

Gene and I also watched three or four episodes of Daredevil, the new Netflix TV show. That show is bloody and violent but barring that it’s quite good. Gene says that since it’s Netflix and they don’t have to follow the rules that cable networks do, they make their shows more extreme. That’s definitely the truth. There’s always a fight scene (which I get, it’s a hero show) that seems to go a bit over the top with the spurting blood and the sound of punches and crunching bones. I have to avert my eyes at least once every episode. Violent scenes are just not my cup of tea. I still like the show though, it’s very well done. I do notice that in many of the scenes, the rooms/buildings/homes are dark. I like being able to see and having lights on in my own life so I don’t get that. Guess it adds to the mood of the show? Still, it seems a bit unrealistic. In the end, I hope they come out with a second season sooner rather than later.

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