It’s the time of year for colds

Gene came down with a cold earlier this week. He worked from home on Thursday and Friday to try to rest up and get better. I thought we had been doing so well staying away from each other and keeping clean but yesterday afternoon lo and behold, I got a sore throat. It got worse as the evening wore on but I had bought some soup after work so that helped me feel slightly better, for a time.

And then last night I had a stuffy nose and my throat was even worse and I kept waking up every hour or two. Bleh. I’m feeling much better now, I think the sleep I got did help, but I still have a tiny itch in my throat and I’m fairly tired. I’ve taken rests a couple of times today where I just lay down for a bit so I think that will aid me in healing faster. In such a small space I suppose it was bound to happen. Perhaps next time I’ll be in better shape or I’ll do better with keeping the apartment clean to avoid catching another cold.

One thought on “It’s the time of year for colds

  1. Can’t be in good enough shape or clean good enough to keep airborne viruses away. It was bound to happen! (sad face)

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