Pippin is always up to something

106 old potato
A couple month old potato

We’ve been getting a lot of rain lately in the Denver area but yesterday we got snow. At one point, it was raining and snowing at the same time, it was quite odd.  Pippin wasn’t able to go outside very much yesterday so Gene ended up moving the couch to see what Pippin had lost back there (so he could have more stuff to play with). Turns out there were a few interesting items in the mix. Most of the stuff was lids but we found my missing USB cap, a battery, and a potato. Yep, an old potato. I remember that Pippin had kept chewing them whenever he could get his paws on one but I had thought I had gotten them all away from him. Clearly that was not the case. I’m thinking we’re going to have to pull that couch out more often. I’m pretty sure he’s already pushed his toy ball back under there. What a squirt.

New toy
New toy

To try to help his energy level, I pulled out a new toy I had been hiding for months. It kept his interest for a little bit (he’s quite difficult to play with). He seems to like the feather toys the most. It’s funny, because this morning I let him out (I’d rather him be outside than him continue to meow while I’m trying to sleep at 5AM) and when he came back he brought a dead bird with him. Such a sweet guy, right? I scooped it up with a broom, dumped it back outside, and went back to sleep (it was now 6AM). Gene thought it was interesting how the day after Pippin played with some fake feathers, he ends up killing an animal with real feathers. Perhaps that’s why he likes feathers so much, it’s realistic.

I suppose I should probably vacuum that area now, maybe even spray some kind of carpet cleaner on it. I’ll get to that tomorrow.


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