Work events

On Wednesday I had dinner with some of the coaches I work with for a Denver Public Schools Coaches Meeting. They have one every year and athletic staff are invited. Although the presentation wasn’t very interesting, it was really nice to have free food and get out of work early. Plus, it was fun to get to talk to these coaches about stuff other than sports.

I will likely be in a more centralized location next year, which I hope means I can grow closer to both the coaches and the students.

Then, on Thursday, I helped support our All Sport Banquet. All of the varsity athletes from this year were invited to attend with up to two guests. We had food, took pictures, and gave out awards. Although the whole thing was over by 8:15, I didn’t leave until 10PM because of clean up. I think next year we really need to have some parent volunteers to help out with this kind of thing. It shouldn’t have taken us two hours to get it all done.

The event went smooth though, I don’t think there were any major problems. We had enough seating, enough food, and the majority of students who got awards were there. I enjoyed most of it and yet again got free food out of it.

I got to come in late to work the next day because of how late I stayed, so that was awesome. I have a pretty sweet deal right now in regards to work. If only it paid a little bit more…

One thought on “Work events

  1. More money would always be nice … but, if I had a choice I would always take the job that paid less and I enjoyed rather than the job that paid more and I hated. Career nirvana is when you love your job and it pays a ton!

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