Oh the time flies

Well, I started writing a blog post on Monday and then promptly either forgot about it or was too tired to finish it and post. So that is now in the trash and a new post has thus been created.

I’ll give you the quick recap of the week so it’s not so long.

I cut Gene’s hair on Sunday (see picture).

Gene and I went to Game Night on Sunday and I won Ticket to Ride. The new couple that came last month was there again and it was a lot of fun. I hope to see them more often, they’re pretty awesome.

I made pot roast with Gene’s help on Sunday. OMG it was delicious. We got a huge chunk of meat, possibly the thickest chunk we’ve ever had. I think it was a good choice. Threw it in a crockpot for 8 hours with water and seasoning (and add potatoes and carrots at some point in there) and my gosh, it’s amazing. Now we just need more people to share it with because it took multiple days to eat everything (heck, we still have some veggies left).


I went out to eat for lunch twice this week with Linda, the Program Manager at my job. Wasn’t expecting it but it was definitely something I needed. We went to Tom’s Home Cooking on Tuesday, a Southern restaurant downtown. It’s an interesting place because they have a different menu every day (you can call them to hear it) and they only take cash. You get one meat, two sides, a drink, and a chunk of bread (roll, cornbread, or jalapeno cornbread). It’s a fast food type kind of thing where everything is already cooked, you order when you get to the front of the line and they fill a container then and there. Once the food is gone, they close. They’re open from 11AM to 2PM (or until all the food is sold).

I ended up getting meatloaf, mac and cheese, cheese, rice, broccoli casserole, and cornbread. It was pretty dang delicious and I’d love to go there with Gene or some of my friends another day. Next time I’d love to try their pulled pork or roast beef if they have it.

While at work the other day I saw an acquaintance eating a mango. He said he got it at Costco and they were in perfect condition. So that night I went out and bought mangos from Costco. I’m figuring out how to eat them without cutting them very much and boy am I loving it. Didn’t really have mangos as a kid so they’re a special treat for me these days, but perhaps with my new found method of eating them they’ll become more commonplace.



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