Moved into the house

Last Friday, Gene and I moved into our new house. Yep, we ended up buying a house. I didn’t tell many people as I figured the deal could fall through, but it didn’t and here we are now.

Last Friday we closed, moved, and picked up Elisabeth from the airport for her one week vacation with us. It was a long, non-stop day but the end result was that everything was moved over. Saturday we rearranged furniture and began to unpack. Most stuff was in place by the end of that day. It meant that I could enjoy my time with Elisabeth more.

I will post later this week about what we did as well as an awesome care package I got from Katie a couple weeks ago, today is all about pictures of the house.

Here is our den. This is where our couch and TV are. Our plan is to get a new couch in the next couple of months but we’re really busy right now and we want Pippin to get used to the place in hopes that when something else new comes in he won’t tear it up. He’s been a bit crazy this past week so hopefully with everything in its place now, he’ll calm down.

The garage door leads to this level. We also have a bathroom (toilet and sink) and door to the basement on this level. The basement is unfinished and just has a washer and dryer in it so there’s not much to see there.

Here is the kitchen and kitchen table. We have way more counter space and cabinets. It’s so nice because all the large appliances like the rice cooker and the bread maker fit in cabinet space, no more taking up the counters!

We will eventually get a nicer island/shelf for the end of the counter but for now the rolling cart works just fine.


Here is the computer room. This is the room you enter when you walk through the front door. We have Pippin’s cat tree in this room and he seems to like the location so far. It’s by a window and near us so that works out.

There is plenty of room to bring down the folding table for puzzles or extra guests.


Here is my craft/sewing/piano/puzzle room! This is my eclectic room that I do whatever I want. My parents gave me house warming money and I used it to buy the keyboard piano. I have been wanting to get back into playing the piano for a couple of years now and it’s finally going to happen.

I just need to figure out what Gene can do up there so we can spend time together. Although we do spend plenty of time together already so perhaps it is good how it is.

You can see more photos (as well as obligatory cat photos) on my google + album here.

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