Fun package from Katie

A few weekends ago I checked the mail and was surprised to find a shoe box filled with awesomeness from my friend, Katie. Lo and behold she had been collecting items for me and ended up using the same box I sent her fun package in to send one back to me.

I was not expecting it at all and it was wonderful. The package and the love behind it made my day.

I now have some fun hair rubber bands, a cute notepad, some stickers, a reusable bag, an adorable owl piggy bank, and lipgloss.

I am excited to paint the piggy bank and will have to show you all what it looks like when done. I tried the lipgloss almost immediately after I saw it and I like it. It’s pretty much perfect for me, it’s not an overwhelming color. In fact, it seems to highlight the color of my lips, make them stand out slightly more. I’m going to have to start wearing make-up more often so I can use this.

I was just talking to a friend the week before about how old my reusable bags are and how I need to throw them away, so it feels like Katie somehow heard that conversation and sent me a new one. I like that it’s not black like all my old ones either, this one is more fun.

Thank you Katie, I loved getting your package!