Elisabeth comes for a visit

Melting Pot goodness

Elisabeth spent an entire week with me a couple weeks ago and it was awesome.

We went to The Melting Pot, hiked at the Rocky Mountain National Park, took a tour of the Capitol, visited the toy exhibit at the History Colorado Center, learned about astronomy at the Chamberlin Observatory, and walked along Dinosaur Ridge among other things.

Elisabeth had never been to The Melting Pot before and since she helped Gene and I move the day she flew in, we figured it was a great reward for all of us to treat ourselves to a four course meal. That place is delicious, and although it is expensive, it’s worth the price once or twice a year.

The next day we then went to the Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park side) and hiked for 6 miles before dipping our feet in the Alluvial Fan’s cold waters. Thankfully, Elisabeth came at a time during the year when the park isn’t covered in snow. Sadly, the last time she visited, I took her up there and the mountains were still in winter mode. Not this time though!

Lego cars!

On another day we took the free tour of the Denver capitol, had lunch with Gene, and then went to the History Colorado Center where we learned about a now non-existent town in Colorado’s past, read about the use of water in the state, and, most importantly, enjoyed the new Toys exhibit. That exhibit was by far the most awesome because it had toys from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Somewhat surprisingly, we saw many toys that we recognized and played with as children. It was so much fun to walk around and see slinkys, a barrel of monkeys, barbies, and many familiar board games like Sorry and Mouse Trap. There were even multiple scenes that were set up like living rooms with TVs playing commercials of that time period. They were so interesting! We then ended the trip by building our own lego cars. That was an exceptionally great day.

Another day we went to the Chamberlin Observatory where we learned about astronomers selling time to people, different types of telescopes and some quick history of astronomy and astrologers. We ended the evening by looking at the moon through the 28-foot long telescope. Many of the building’s original features, built in the 1890s, are still in tact today, including the pulley system to open the roof. The ladder used to look through the telescope is also an original and has held up quite well in the over 100 years it’s been in use. I really enjoyed the observatory and plan on taking any future guests to it.

On Friday we went to Dinosaur Ridge with Kaitlin where we walked along the paved road and learned about the past. Did you know that there was a mountain range BEFORE the Rocky Mountains we have today? Perhaps I had learned that previously but I had forgotten, and it amazed me. This planet is truly a wondrous place.

I am so glad that Elisabeth got to visit for an entire week. We played games, we watched movies, and we just hung out. I hope these trips happen more often. Next time it’s my turn to visit her!

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