City Bakery Cafe

Yesterday I went to the doctor and the dentist for my annual and semi-annual exams. To celebrate that I seem to be in good shape I then had lunch with Gene. Yay.

We ate at City Bakery Cafe, a cafe behind Gene’s building. Neither of us had been there before but Gene’s coworkers had and we wanted to try it out. Super glad we went. I got the Mediterranean turkey sandwich with turkey, olive pepperocini relish, and rosemary aioli. Gene got the French dip sandwich. Pure deliciousness. I tried Gene’s sandwich too and I think it’s the best French dip I’ve ever had. I’m tempted to get that the next time I’m there.

My sandwich was quite huge but I was hungry enough to finish it all. The prices are decent too, you get a sandwich, a bag of chips, and a small cookie for $8.

And when the woman who brought us our food found out this was our first time here, she gave us a free loaf of bread! How amazing and sweet is that?! Took me by surprise and made me love the place even more. They have so many great-sounding sandwiches that I have to go back so I can try more of them. Doesn’t a ham, brie, and pear sandwich sound fantastic? That was one of their specials for the day.

I think I have found the new place to eat when I’m near Gene’s work.


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