Garage DIY, Book of Mormon, kittens, and family

The past weekend was pretty eventful for me.

On Saturday morning, Gene and I insulated our garage. We bought kits online and cranked it out in about an hour (a little longer only because we were trying to understand the instructions). Now our garage should stay cooler and help us save money on heating and cooling. It was fairly cheap ($75 per side) and once we knew what we were doing, it was super easy to put up. DIY project: complete!

Then, in the afternoon, Gene and I saw Book of Mormon. I was so excited because I wanted to see the musical the moment I heard about it. I had a great time. I couldn’t always understand what the actors were singing (that’s what happens with a live orchestra I suppose), but what I did understand was quite good and generally really funny. Although I have never been a Mormon, having grown up in a Christian household and knowing very basic information about Mormonism allowed me to enjoy the show at a different level.

It was a hilarious production and I am so glad I was able to go. There were a few moments that were a bit too much for me to handle but for the most part it didn’t go too over the top. Thinking over it now I realize how funny it really was. And how realistic it was too. I liked it.
On Sunday we went to our friends’ place to have lunch, play a game, and see their new kitten! Their kitten is absolutely adorable and completely gorgeous. He was extremely friendly too which was awesome. Seeing kittens makes me want to get another one, but then I remember how much time and energy Pippin takes and I know he is quite enough.

My parents came over for dinner later on Sunday and helped redecorate the kitchen. It all started with my mom wanting to make curtains for the kitchen windows and it soon turned into a redecorating project. I do like how it’s turning out though, it makes the kitchen look a lot nicer, lighter and more welcoming.

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