Two packages in one day

Two packages came for me today.

Games from Worldbuilder fundraiserFirst, a box filled with four games from the Worldbuilders fundraiser I was a part of back in the summer. Yay for more board games. I don’t recognize any of the games, but that doesn’t mean much since I don’t recognize most games. I’m just excited to have some new games to try out and the money went to a good cause.

Swatches from JoybirdThe second package was much smaller and contained loads of fabric swatches. On Labor Day I bought a couch online from a company called Joybird. Their Labor Day sale meant the couches were hundreds of dollars off. Combine that with me researching couches for the past couple of weeks and just getting really tired of the idea of going to multiple stores to find the right couch. After thinking over it for an hour or so, I ended up buying one. Figured I could always cancel the order since the company wasn’t going to the make couch for another month or two (they make it when you order it, and they’re a bit backed up right now). So I purchased the couch and asked that they send me fabric swatches so I could determine the color of the couch.

And the swatches came today!

Now Gene and I have to sift through them all and decide 1. If we still want the couch and 2. What fabric and color to choose. So many options. If we do end up getting the couch (which we probably will), then we’ll have to wait until December to get it. What a great Christmas present for ourselves!

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