Wildstar art a success

Sidney’s art above my desk

A few months ago, I got some great pieces of digital art. First, my best friend Elisabeth commissioned artwork for our characters in Wildstar, the online game we play. Then, my best friend Sidney drew our Wildstar characters together based off of a request I made.

I loved it all. So much so that I decided I wanted to print them out and display them in my new house.

After months of procrastination and waiting for Costco’s photo site to work, I FINALLY ordered prints. I was nervous because I had never printed photos let alone drawings before and I was worried that they wouldn’t turn out well. But Costco’s site helped ensure that the sizes would work to display the art correctly and the prices were reasonable so I took the plunge and placed the order.

I am so happy I did. The prints turned out mostly wonderfully. The colors were slightly off in the commissioned pieces but they still look great (Gene thinks the printing system was trying to balance colors. Everything looks fine, but the background colors don’t quite match). Sidney’s art printed perfectly. I could not be more happy with it except perhaps if I had gotten it in a larger size.

Close up of Sidney’s art
Commissioned art at top of stairs

I bought cheap frames at WalMart the next week and this past weekend Gene and I hung everything up.

I am so glad the first time I printed anything it was a success.

Gene now predicts that as the years go by our walls will fill up with art like this. If that’s how it turns out, so be it. Instead of having pictures of our family or children (since that’s not in the plans) we’ll have pictures of our video game characters and art that our friends draw. I’d say that’s pretty awesome.

Close up of commissioned art

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