Standing desk at work

After video chatting with my friend Katie yesterday, I decided (because of her encouragement) that I should try to write more blog posts. So I will try.


Awesome moment of today: I got a standing desk

A secretary in my department left for a new job earlier this week so the head secretary said I could take the other’s standing desk.

I’m honored that she thought to give me the desk above others. It’s probably because I stand up every once in a while and complain about sitting too long. 😀

Still, I know there are others who have worked here longer who want one so thanks teammate, you rock!

It’s a mobile one, which is great. It also can be set to different levels so people of multiple heights can use it. It’s pretty cool. I think I’m going to like it. I did run into a snaffoo, however, and was unable to lower it once I got it up. :/

I had to ask the head secretary to come help me. She had a difficult time of it too so I think I might need to bring in my WD40. It always does the trick, right? 😉

I’ll have to update you all in a couple weeks to let you know how it all works out.


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