Lookingglass Alice

Yesterday, Gene and I watched a performance called Lookingglass Alice. It was one of those acrobatic-type shows. My work provided discounted tickets so I thought why not, let’s go.

So glad I did. This show was WONDERFUL! As Gene told me last night, it was basically the perfect kind of show for me. It was whimsical, magical, involved childhood make-believe, and had fantastic acrobatics.

I loved it. Lauren Hirte, the actress who played Alice, was amazing. She was such a great Alice, I’m not sure anyone could have done a better job. The way she smiled, talked, laughed, moved, combined to become the 7 1/2 year old Alice.

The other actors and actresses were just as amazing and impressive. They were funny and so talented. It was such a fun performance. Throughout, the actors interacted with the audience. They ran around, sat on people’s laps, and once gave the audience giant balloons to play with. It was especially touching when Alice had a pretend tea party with three girls sitting in the front row. The Chesire Cat stood behind me at one point!

By the way, Gene and I were in the second row. It was really cool.

Oh it was just so lovely and fun. So magical.

If you happen to be in Denver the next week, see if you can buy some tickets. It’s worth it. It sounds like it’s a traveling show so hopefully it’ll come to all of you that aren’t in Colorado!

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