Homemade breakfast sandwiches

This weekend I made 24 homemade “Egg McMuffins” from this recipe (with two changes).

I’ve been getting hungry lately within 1 to 2 hours of eating breakfast (cereal) so I decided it would be a good idea for me to make something more filling that is also freezable. That way I can either eat it in the morning for breakfast or I can take it to work with me and have it as a morning snack. Thankfully, pinterest is chock full of good bulk breakfast ideas. For my first attempt I settled on English muffin egg sandwiches. I really enjoy McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches so I figured it would be a good choice to make my own version.

 The set-up (very end of the process)

I did make two changes to the above recipe, however, that should be noted. I couldn’t find a single 2lb roll of sausage at the grocery store. I thought Costco would have some sausage so I didn’t buy any at the store only to go to Costco and discover I couldn’t find any sausage. So I ended up buying turkey bacon for my meat. The only other change was that I used a cake pan to cook my eggs instead of a larger pan than the directions. I don’t have a larger pan, so I had to make a guess as to what would be the next best thing.

I spent probably an hour, maybe an hour and a half, making the sandwiches. Although I haven’t tried them yet they look pretty decent. The only issue I have with them so far is that the egg pieces aren’t large enough. And now I know why the directions say to use a larger dish. Next time I will use two dishes to cook the eggs in order to have larger slices.

I will have to provide an update once I’ve had one and let you all know how they taste. Perhaps I’ll bring one to work tomorrow. If they turn out okay, I’ll be thrilled. I know I could get faster at making them and buying in bulk makes them cheaper than going to McDonalds (although I don’t really do that).

Have an idea for something I can grab and go for a morning snack/meal? Send it my way.

 Wrapped and ready to go in freezer

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