A pretty decent week

On Wednesday, the internet and phones were down when I got in to work. After waiting for a couple hours, we were informed it would be at least 4 to 6 hours before everything would be back up. So, after waiting another hour to see if anything changed and debating on what to do, the other secretary and I left for the day. I got to have lunch with Gene and then went home and relaxed. Turns out, 30 minutes after we left everything was fixed. Thankfully I didn’t learn that until Thursday, or I would have felt even more guilty than I did already. Still, it was nice to have the afternoon to myself and nothing too horrible happened while I was gone so it’s all good.

Thursday was great because I got a flu shot FOR FREE! I mean, of course flu shots should be free, but for some reason I had to pay last year. So when my work said they were offering flu shots in my building and people with X and Y insurances wouldn’t have to pay, I signed up immediately. Sadly my arm is still sore a day later, but if it prevents me or someone else from getting the flu, I’ll handle it.

Then yesterday, one of my teammates ended up buying me a succulent for my desk! Turns out it was Bosses Day today and no one had remembered. So three of us went out to Safeway to buy some flowers for our Assistant Superintendent. While we were there, my teammate decided to buy me a plant. She said she buys every new person a plant but kept forgetting to get me one. It was super sweet and I’m so grateful. I adore it.


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